Hey kids! Want to Color?!


You need a printer, paper and colors.

You may need to ask your parents for help. Click on the image that you want to color below. It will open a new window with a large black and white image for you or your parent to print out. Then color away!

Fine print: All images copyright 1998-99 Dale Taylor, "Not In My Backyard!" These images are licensed for in-home personal use! That means they can't be used for websites or in any publication by a business or organization; not even redistributed or collected without my permission. You can, of course, give away your colored versions as greeting cards to your friends and family.

Bip and Bap Circles filled with the whole gang Goofy monsters, so they're not part of the comic strip!
You're the best grandparent ever! Grumpa and Oscar guess who's coming to dinner
A kiss to show I care! You've got me tied in knots I hate it when my longer brother buries my bones
Naaa-Naaa A Dachsie Picnic Thanks for the treat


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