Want the best comic strip on the internet for your homepage ? You can have Not In My Backyard! All you have to do is insert the following code into your html page. A script on this server rotates one of the 600+ strips every day randomly: ***

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***Note: By running this code on your site you agree to indemnify Dale Taylor from any liability. No warranty for service is implied. Dale Taylor reserves the right to cease making the "current.gif" strip available at anytime without prior warning. Furthermore, it does not imply any transfer of copyright to the participating sites. In all cases copyright on the strip graphic must remain intact. You may alter the code as you see fit, just include a link back to http://www.notinmybackyard.com. You may not, however, archive the strips. Please direct your vistors to the archive on this site. You may place one or two of your favorite strips on your site, but please email me for permission.


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